Соломон Паси: Новата наредба за бежанците вече е готова и е много по-добра

The new regulation for the integration of refugees has already been drafted and is much better. It combines European requirements with national interests. Solomon Passy said this in the program “This Morning”, quoting a message he received from Ognyan Gerdjikov.

“It is a matter of administrative style whether these buffer days should have been left between the two regulations. “Even if they don’t accept it, the next government will come and the first thing it will do is adopt this ordinance,” Passy added.

According to him, Ognyan Gerdjikov currently acts as a Shogun – as a man of duty and honor.

On the subject of cabinets, Passy said there was an interesting constitutional gap at the moment.

“During an official cabinet, Bulgaria became not a presidential republic, but an absolute presidential monarchy, because usually the government offers many things to the president, and he signs them on the other side. That is, these things, which require two signatures, can only happen at the will of the president, “Passy explained.

Weak God, so far we have always elected normal presidents, Passy said.

“Imagine that once we elect someone like the Philippine president who is a completely unpredictable person, then that person would have the right during a cabinet to fire all the ambassadors and appoint new ambassadors, fire all the generals and appoint new generals, to dismiss, to appoint “, added Passy.

We have a fundamental need for a law that clarifies the powers of the caretaker cabinet, which is reasonable and which is not, he added.

Asked about Elena Poptodorova, he said that yesterday was her first working day at the Atlantic Club, where she is director of key Euro-Atlantic issues and security.

“We plan to use it in the most rational way with the extremely large set of connections it has made in the United States and beyond,” added Solomon Passy.

Regarding the possibility of Erdogan causing a wave of migrants, Passy said Turkey is an objective buffer of migration flows.

“These are millions of migrants who pass through Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and gather in Turkey. It does not have the endless opportunity to keep these people within its borders and that is why Europe and even more so Bulgaria have an exceptional interest in maintaining a reasonable dialogue with Turkey. It has the kind of leadership it has, we cannot and must not change the leadership of Turkey, but with this leadership we must find a common language in the name of the common interest. “

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Source: bTV NEWS.