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The Digital National Coalition (DNA) is part of the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative.

The initiative addresses the significant shortage of professionals employed in the field of information and communication technologies / ICT sector / in the European Union, which limits the opportunities for economic growth. 

The mission of the organization is to develop the capacity of professions and industries, related to new technologies, by providing and supporting educational and training programs, developing skills and competencies needed to attract and successfully realize more children, youth, women, adults and others in the current and future labor market.

We conduct training events and workshops, improve and update curricula in extracurricular, primary, vocational and higher education.

We organize professional trainings, retraining courses and teacher training programs.

We encourage cooperation between business, educational institutions and other organizations in order to promote good practices, access to vacancies and update existing standards and job profiles.

We encourage the creation and use of open access educational resources.

Raise public awareness of the importance and opportunities of digital skills and competences and support social inclusion through the possibilities of new technologies.

We are directing more young people and women to new technologies and exact sciences.

We provide more information about retraining opportunities, promoting the benefits of new technologies and ways to apply them.

DNA is a non-partisan organization founded in 2013 by Gergana Passy, digital champion of Bulgaria.


The main goal of the organization is to attract more people to new technologies, to achieve more efficient use of digital potential and to support the development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria.


DNA unites the efforts of business, universities and the government in Bulgaria and contributes to the achievement of the priorities set in the Digital Agenda for Europe.


We work on a variety of projects and initiatives, which are most often related to the following goals of the organization


Breaking the stereotypes of Bulgarians towards technology, programming and innovation


Acquisition of basic digital skills by a larger number of people in Bulgaria


Attracting more females to the technology and ICT sector


Directing children from an early age to creative digital education.





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