Dragan Zagorsky is a 21-years-old student, finishing his Bachelor in International relations at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridki. He is currently working at the World Bank Group. In addition to that, Dragan is an active member of Bulgaria of the Youth and a PR and Marketing Specialist at the team behind MEU London 2020. His interest in NATO comes from his experience during the Model NATO 2019 simulation and his devotion to international relations and affairs. Dragan believes that youngsters should play a vital role in society and as part of the NATO Youth Ambassadors’ team will work for better understanding about the Alliance and membership in it. For the past two years, Dragan has been a part of Team Europe Junior with the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria. He also recently joined the team of the Youth Section of the UN Association in Bulgaria. These activities engage and enrich his knowledge and skills, which he has developed during his multiple internships in the public and the private sector.