Elena Poptodorova: There will be more strikes in Syria

“There will be strikes in Syria until the situation there is brought under military control. Therefore, I hope I will be refuted, but I do not see a political solution in the foreseeable future, “Elena Poptodorova, our former ambassador to the United States, predicted in the program” Brussels 1 “on BULGARIA ON AIR TV.

“I no longer see a diplomatic or political solution to the crisis in Syria. This is no longer possible. “I think that the solution can only be military, only by force, and here the question is how far the Western countries will go,” Poptodorova said.

“I also think that what we witnessed on the night before Saturday is actually just the first act, ie. one episode, followed by other episodes, “predicted in a conversation with the host Milena Milotinova Arab journalist Nina Spasova.

“Following the information, I see that an American aircraft carrier is moving to the Mediterranean. But that will take time. Sometime in late April-early May, he will be there. That is, we can expect some longer-term actions – probably together with a larger, broader coalition, at a later stage, “Spasova said.

“Indeed, the search for a replacement for Bashar al-Assad has not happened for eight years. But it seems to me that here, in this case, it seems that it is time for Russia to answer how long and why it is interfering to such an extent and engaging in a foreign war. And as long as this will be her primary task and cause. “Because in Russia more and more comments and criticisms are heard and more and more people are talking about exactly that – why and for how long a failed Syrian president will defend so unreservedly,” Nina Spasova said in the studio of “Brussels 1”.

You can watch the whole interview here.

Source: Bulgaria ON AIR.

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