PanEuropa Bulgaria is pleased to invite you to

14.10.2022 at 10.30 am in BTA

Presentation of a new report:


Pandemics? And why (not?) victorious?

The COVID-19 pandemic will probably soon be talked about in the past tense, but she pointed out to us what other health risk factors also have pandemic scale. With some of them, we have been “cohabiting” for decades and as if we can’t or don’t want to win.

PanEuropa Bulgaria united the scientific thought and public responsibility of a team of authoritative scientists and experts in their fields around a common goal – the real opportunity to improve people’s health awareness and quality of life. Our daily lives are saturated with health risk factors that cannot be easily eliminated, but can reduce the damage from them. However, this requires conversation and effort from the whole society.

The scientists and experts from the team that implemented the report will talk about science, but in plain language. They will present effective solutions to reduce the harms of risky behaviors that have been, are and are likely to remain a long part of our lives.

Welcome on 14.10.2022 at 10.30 am in BTA to hear more about (no?) Defeat pandemics and ask your questions to:

Assoc. Prof. Milena Georgieva – Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at the Institute of Molecular Biology – BAS, expert in genetics, epigenetics and biology of aging, member of the Society of Clinical Epigenetics, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

Prof. Georgi Momekov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Pharmacy and Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University, Sofia.

Detelina Stamenova – psychotherapist, psychologist and sociologist, member of the Society of Psychologists in Bulgaria.

Arkadi Sharkov – macroeconomist, expert in health economics, sustainable development and tax policy, part of the Expert Club on Economics and Politics (EQIP).

We are waiting for you in BTA!