Hello Space, Bulgaria Calling! 3.0

This year’s event was the biggest and the best so far. We invited a vast myriad of guests and speakers, more than any other year, who provided their valuable insights concerning the fields of STEAM and the Aerospace industry. Our special guests this year we Dr. Swati Mohan, aerospace engineer at NASA, known for her involvement with the Perseverance Rover project, and test pilot Greg “Box” Johnson, retired USAF pilot and NASA astronaut, who spoke about Lockheed Martin’s most advanced F-16 Fighter Aircraft, and scientists at the CERN Large Hadron Collider laboratory who provided guests with a virtual tour of the facility.

Additionally, there were many panels outside the event where many other institutions showed off their latest ideas and innovation in the STEM and Aerospace fields, including a special acrobatic flight by world record breaker Nikolay Kalaydzhiev and an exclusive demostration by the Bulgarian Special Forces. Along with that, many children could register prior to the event for the myriad of workshops where they could aqcuire new skills on the spot through hands-on activities.

The event once again hosted its annual Q&A competition, in which many children and youths had the opportunity to ask their burning questions concerning the fields of Aerospace engineering and STEAM and win a wide variety of prizes provided by our sponsors.

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