In the period October 23 – 25, 2020, the Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Youth Club, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria, organized Global Academy 2020 – a three-day seminar, aimed at initiating a debate and exchange of opinions on contemporary global issues. The event took place at the Bankya Palace Hotel, in the city of Bankya. Global Academy 2020 gathered 25 Bulgarian students and young professionals between the age of 20 and 30 years old. The approved applicants were given the opportunity to take part in lectures and discussions with representatives of state institutions, non-government organizations, media and freelance experts, in order to discuss the current challenges and concerns before modern societies. With the entry into a new decade and the current COVID-19 pandemic, experts are asked how countries should spend their growing resources, what threats and challenges they must prepare for and what new technologies will be needed to counter current and future security threats. Global Academy 2020 concentrated on these particular questions, seeking to encourage a dialogue and to generate fresh ideas and solutions, which could then be spread among the wider public, and in particular the young generation, which holds the power over the future development of global affairs and institutions. The program of the Global Academy included lectures and discussions on the following topics: The UN System: Is Multilateralism Adapting to the New Global Challenges; The Path of a Young Professional at the UN; NATO-EU Cooperation: Guaranteeing Peace and Security in Europe; The Trans-Atlantic Bond after the Coronavirus Pandemic; Terrorism and Biosecurity; Women in Security: Gender Issues 20 Years after UNSC Resolution 1325; Unconventional Security Threats: Military Transformation and Reform; Hybrid Warfare; Climate Security; Three Seas Initiative: Euro-Atlantic Strategic Project. The seminar also included a Diplomatic Protocol and Ettiquette Training.