Internship Call – DO COOL STUFF!

The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and Digital National Alliance provide internship opportunities for highly motivated individuals who have a particular interest in emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and/or social issues. 

The mission of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria (ACB) has been to strengthen the unity, security and defence capacities of the West as a natural habitat of Bulgaria. ACB is a future- and youth-oriented organisation, which focuses on upgrading Bulgaria, NATO and EU, to meet and forecast the existing and unexpected regional and global challenges and threats, including those generated by the progress in technologies.

The main mission of Digital National Alliance (DNI) is to attract more people to new technologies, to achieve more efficient use of digital potential and to support the development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria. DNI unites the efforts of business, universities and the government in Bulgaria to contribute to the achievement of the priorities set in the Digital Agenda for Europe.

If the above mentioned topics fit your profile, you recognise the core of the organisations and would like to join them, please read below the description of the forthcoming projects, as well as the expected responsibilities, qualifications and of course what we offer.

📬 You may send your CV and up to one-page-long motivation letter to:


🔴 Work closely with the project management team on organisation and logistic matters, as well as managing volunteers.

🔴 Strong language and communication skills in Bulgarian and English
🔴 Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
🔴 Enthusiastic and positive attitude toward helping others
🔴 Ability to work both independently and in team settings
🔴 Demonstrated commitment to learning and continuous improvement
🔴 Self-motivated, flexible, quick learner, and possessing a high level of personal integrity
🔴 Detail-oriented with ability to multi-task, establish priorities and meet deadlines, both prescribed and self-imposed
🔴 Computer skills in Excel and Word
🔴 Interest in emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security and/or social issues

What we offer
🔴 Supporting environment of young and creative people
🔴 A place where you can learn, grow and develop
🔴 A number of networking opportunities
🔴 Be part of socially relevant projects

*The minimum internship duration is 3 months.


🔴 Assist with the strategy, copywriting, design and execution of social media campaigns
🔴 Create weekly/monthly editorial calendars to promote projects (events) on various social media channels and websites
🔴 Track social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for scalability

🔴 Strong communication skills
🔴 Capability to produce content on time, with attention to detail, and an emphasis on identifying and pitching to a target audience
🔴 A well-organised team player with the ability to perform various tasks, act individually, and think creatively
🔴 Willingness to learn and develop
🔴 Competitive and proactive attitude
🔴 Fluency in Bulgarian and English
🔴 Basic Adobe Photoshop skills
🔴 Computer skills in Excel and Word
🔴 Knowledge of Ukrainian language can be considered as an advantage

What we offer
🔴 Supporting environment of young and creative people
🔴 A place where you can learn, grow and develop
🔴 A number of networking opportunities
🔴 Be part of socially relevant projects

*The minimum internship duration is 3 months.


AI & I FACTORY – 2023

AI & I FACTORY is Digital National Alliance’s initiative aimed at deepening the understanding of the role and potential application of AI in human everyday life, encouraging experiments in the tech field and attracting more women and youths into the tech and especially AI industry. The initiative brings together experts, school and university students from different backgrounds by engaging them through activities such as educational seminars, workshops, hackathons and networking events.

The main goal of AI & I FACTORY’s activities is to inspire the leaders of tomorrow to pursue a career in tech while presenting the AI industry as diverse, inclusive and accessible by everyone. The two key events planned for the upcoming year are GIRLS IN AI BULGARIA | INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY HACKATHON and AI & I FACTORY | CHALLENGE 2.0


Goal: providing a platform for students across Bulgaria, between the age of 12-18 and predominantly from undeveloped regions or minority groups the chance to explore Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and social entrepreneurship

Format: hybrid (Sofia Tech Park and online)

Date: 3-5 February 2023

Location: Sofia Tech Park and online


Goal: raising awareness, among university students, of the broad opportunities for successful cross-sectoral collaboration as well as presenting the tech industry as a diverse one, providing job opportunities for young professionals from various backgrounds

Format: hybrid

Date: November 2023


The Bulgarian info hub on digital skills and jobs it will be providing open access to a wide variety of high-quality information and resources to everyone interested in the broad topic of digital skills and jobs.

Currently the website is at stage of final development and what’s next is to accumulate and publish content in it. following some specific guidelines. The website will be launched in November 2022.

Power Summit – DEC 2023 | Location: Sofia Tech Park

The Powers Summit is an innovative platform for constructive, operational, face-to-face dialogue between power, business leaders, science and the civil sector, organised by the Webit Foundation and the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

“The Bulgarian Davos ” aims at investing public smart ideas to the creation of sustainable solutions for Bulgaria’s future.

АI N’ CYBER CONFERENCE – ОCT 2023 | Location: Sofia Tech Park

The two-day in-person conference AI N’ CYBER is designed to provide vital information on the latest cutting-edge technologies, trends and challenges in the fast-evolving world of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence with a focus on Bulgaria’s ecosystem and its perspectives.

AI N’ CYBER CONFERENCE 2023 will be the 4th edition of the yearly hi-tech conference, hosted by Digital National Alliance. The first thematic day of the conference called Sofia Cyber Sec will focus on cybersecurity trends and challenges for the country as a EU member, while the second day – AI & I will be devoted to Bulgaria’s AI ecosystem and its perspectives.