Izabela has chosen to become a part of the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program because of the belief that her participation would help young people in Bulgaria to be much more informed about NATO’s activities and its role for international security.Liliana Sofkova is 22 years old, born and raised in Sofia. She is a graduate of the Italian Lyceum and the National School of Management, as well as a final year undergraduate student at Sofia University, pursuing a Bachelor’s in International relations. In addition to being a NATO Youth Ambassador, she is an editor at the Körber Foundation’s EUSTORY History Campus and a member of Team Europe Junior – an initiative of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria. Over the years, she has been awarded the honorary mention “National Diploma” of the Ministry of Education, she has acted as Chair of Euroclub Alcide de Gasperi and has done internships in various areas of the public sector, including the British Embassy in Sofia, the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome, and UNA News Bulgaria. Her professional interests include public international law, countering radicalization and terrorism, which served as a driving force behind her participation in the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program.