Milena Georgieva is an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology. Her research interests are in Мolecular Biology and Genetics, Epigenetics, and modern Biomedicine. She co-authors over 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals. Milena is a leader and participant in a number of research projects. She is a research consultant at the international Enago academy, which aims to support scientists from around the world with advice on academic development.
Milena has specializations in Genetics and Epigenetics at the Curie Institute and the University of Strasbourg, France. He has specialized in the Biology of Aging at the International Research Center for Bioengineering in Trieste, Italy. She is a regular guest speaker at international and national  Milena is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the European Federation of Biochemical Societies, and the International Union of Clinical Epigenetics.
She is also an honorary member of the Advisory Board of M3 Communications Group, Inc.
Milena is a zealous communicator of science, and a guest lecturer at numerous festivals and scientific events, radio, and TV shows.
She is a speaker at the TED platform.