PanEuropa Bulgaria Supports the Project of the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement for an Active European Citizenship

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) financially supported the project of the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement with title »European Citizens for European Foreign Policy« within its Europe for citizens programme.

Short description of the Project

Many European researches and public opinion surveys about the EU foreign policy are made on the basis of ad hoc principle and only for a specific foreign policy area. There are fewer comprehensive researches and academic discussions which would systematically examine and discuss the European foreign policy and at the same time include European citizens. Therefore the goal of the project is to systematically discuss different aspects of the EU foreign policy, which includes issues like the setting of the EU foreign policy agenda (the so called policy-making process), the European neighbourhood policy (the Euro-Mediterranean region and the Eastern partnership), security and defence issues, the role of the EU in the world, the perception of the EU by superpowers and minority questions as a special category of foreign policy.

Within the project, special attention will be dedicated to the role of citizens in foreign policy-making (e.g. how European citizens can contribute in shaping the EU foreign policy agenda) and the rights deriving from this policy (e.g. visa regime, role of consulates and embassies). Active European citizenship is an issue that is always relevant, but it can be particularly highlighted in 2013, which the European Union declared the European Year of Citizens.

Project aim

The basic aim of the project and its activities is to open public discussion about topics related to the EU foreign policy and in doing so including European citizens, the academia and policy-makers. Moreover, an analysis of European citizens’ knowledge about the EU foreign policy and rights stemming from it is to be conducted by means of a survey among citizens around Europe. This is aimed at raising awareness among the general European public about the EU foreign policy and citizens’ rights stemming from it.

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