Solomon Passy: The presidency is like a family orgasm

A presidency within the EU family is something like a family orgasm, former Foreign Minister Solomon Passy said on the “Show of Fame”.

I will explain very seriously: this is an orgasm within the family. The presidency has a predictable frequency – in our case it is 14 years. There is also a predictable duration – 6 months, this project, this act lasts 6 months. In addition, it brings great national satisfaction, which is incomprehensible to neighbors, Passy said.

In fact, this is an opportunity for the state to express itself. If you want to fertilize the EU with your national genetics, with your ideas, to bear fruit, well, this is more or less the most natural way. And besides – at the end of this process – you, as a country, are extremely exhausted, but you are still looking with interest at the next presidency, said the former foreign minister.

At the moment, Bulgaria is something like the Pope of the EU. In six months. And this is a tool we can use well, he added.

The government has set two important goals: eurozone membership and Schengen membership. The presidency is a very good tool, said Solomon Passy.

You can watch the interview here.

Source: OFFNews.

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