Tatyana Ivanova

Tatyana Vladislavova Ivanova is born on 12/12/2002 in Dobrich, Bulgaria and her dream is to become the first Bulgarian Woman in Space.

She is a first-year Engineering Physics student at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
In 2018, Tatyana graduated from Space Camp Turkey and won the individual award “Outstanding camper”, a year after that she was a trainee in the Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Her mother tongue is Bulgarian, but she is fluent in English and also, she studies Russian and Spanish. Tatyana was a trainer in Science Camp Bulgaria, she also participated in Space Challenges Bootcamp, where her team created a ground station for tracking the satellite QMR-KWT and receiving DATA from it. During the Bootcamp, she met Prof. Jan Worner – former Director-General of ESA (2015-2021), the Director until retirement of NASA’s Ames Research Center – Pete Worden and Antonio Fortunato – the lead EUROCOM, and deputy leader of Crew Operations for the ESA Astronaut Office. She also participated twice in the masterclasses in particle physics of CERN. Her goal is to inspire the kids from Bulgaria while meeting with notables and discussing the future of her country.

Tatyana has spoken with the President of Bulgaria, the Minister of Education, the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria about her intentions. Except for chasing her dream in the STEM area, she is an artist. She plays the drums and she published a poetry book when she was 14. Tatyana is the first president of Interact club Dobrich as well as a volunteer in many volunteering organizations. She shot in the movie “The new Bulgarian cosmonauts” and she is a frequent TV guest in Bulgaria. In 2019, she was invited to take part in a panel with the first Bulgarian cosmonaut – Georgi Ivanov, and two Russian cosmonauts. Tatyana has experience in scuba-diving and skydiving.