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Last updated: 14 November 2023

Thank you for visiting our website. We, “PanEuropa Bulgaria” (in the text below “Organization(s)”, “we”, “our” or “us/us”), ask you to take the time to read these General Terms and Conditions of Use carefully (in the text below “Terms and Conditions”, “Terms of Use”). They clarify a number of issues, including the rules for using our site, and contain additional information about your rights. By using adn.bg/acb-home (in the text below “Page”), regardless of how you access and / or use (via personal computer, mobile or other device, etc.), you confirm that you have read, understand the meaning and accept these Terms and Conditions. We may amend or update these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. In such cases, the current version will always be available on our Site. The date of the last update will be noted in the beginning of these General Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, please do not use the Site.

Your personal data and its protection

We are committed to protecting your personal data and the privacy of your information. More detailed information about how your data and information is collected, used and stored and our commitment to protecting them can be found in our Privacy Policy. The Policy also contains information about the use of cookies on our Site.

Proprietary Rights to the Content

All text, graphics, audio, video or photo files, software, applications and information posted or available on the Site, as well as all copyrights, trademark rights, designs and other intellectual property rights therein (collectively, the “Content”), are our property or the property of our users, licensors and/or Content providers. This includes, without limitation, the organization and layout of the Site and the software used for this purpose that is owned by us or owned by our users, suppliers and/or licensors. By using our Site, you agree that the Content and its components are available solely for personal use and may not be copied, reproduced, published, distributed or otherwise made available.

Except in the case of permitted use of the Content described above or as required by copyright and related rights legislation, you are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to use the Content and its components posted on the Site. This includes those photos, illustrations and videos that are licensed by third parties. If you wish to receive information about the copyright holder of a particular photo, illustration or video, please contact us at office@paneuropa.bg and we will provide you with the necessary information. You undertake to comply with all applicable statutory rules and regulations regarding the lawful use of the Site. You may not remove copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights notices from the materials available on the Site.


All trademarks, service marks and trade names of the Organization or its partners, suppliers or licensors used on the Site (including, without limitation, the name and logo of PanEuropa Bulgaria) (collectively, the “Marks“) are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Organization or its partners, suppliers or licensors. You may not use, copy, reproduce, publish, incl. on the Internet (in the form of “posts” on social networks or otherwise), transmit, distribute or modify in any way the Marks, as well as to advertise or promote materials on the Site, without our prior written consent. The use of the Marks on another Site or within another network computer environment is prohibited. The Organization prohibits the use of the Marks as a link on or to another page, unless it has previously provided its written consent to do so.

User Content

The Organization may at any time provide additional opportunities for communication on the Site, for providing and / or sharing information from and between users of the Site, so-called User Content. The Organization provides for the development of various options for providing User Content, e.g. posts in “virtual conversation rooms”, comments on our blogs, participation in communities, videos, tips, other interactive services created specifically for the Site. Please note that materials/information posted by you on the Site are public, accessible to all Internet users anywhere in the world, and will be accessible through the use of independent search engines. In these cases, you are responsible for the materials and information you post in the sections of our Site that allow this. We strongly advise you to carefully consider sharing personal information in the interactive sections of the Our Page. For more detailed information, please read our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to periodically review User Content, but we are not obligated to regulate or control it. User materials published on the Internet, other content or materials of third parties should not be considered authentic as they have not been verified and approved by us. The views and opinions expressed in them do not reflect our views or values.

We have the right to remove or block access to any User Content at any time. For example, this is possible when we have reasonable suspicions that a user has violated the law (for example, in the event of a violation of a third party’s copyright or intellectual property rights or a duty of confidentiality). We do not accept any liability, including compensation for damage or loss suffered or caused as a result of such actions.

If you have any questions about the user content, please contact us at office@paneuropa.bg

Code of Consumer Conduct

This section provides general guidance on how to use the Site without harming yourself or harming the rights of others. We address you as a user with a request to use the Site, respecting and respecting other users and their rights. By using our Site, you agree not to:

  • post or otherwise make public content that, in our sole discretion, could impede the normal use of the Site by other users;
  • violate or incite others to violate the law;
  • post or otherwise distribute content that, in our sole discretion, is abusive, offensive, defamatory, cynical, pornographic or sexually suggestive, unlawful, intimidating, infringing the privacy policies of third parties or otherwise unacceptable;
  • post or otherwise distribute content that, in our sole discretion, depicts unacceptable acts of violence;
  • threaten or behave in a manner that is intended to intimidate, coerce, insult, slander, show a form of discrimination or humiliation, violate the rights of others, including the rights of those individuals to the protection of their personal data;
  • perform or permit acts that may constitute an infringement of copyright, related rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of the Organization, the respective holders of these rights, suppliers and/or licensors or other third parties;
  • upload content without the necessary permissions/licenses/consents of third parties;
  • share confidential information;
  • take actions that damage or may damage, impede, terminate access, impede the functioning, interrupt or otherwise interfere with the functioning of the Site, the materials posted on it or the software or hardware used;
  • obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site or parts thereof;
  • obtain or attempt to obtain personal data or confidential information from third parties using the Site;
  • avoid or attempt to avoid the filters used on the Site;
  • take actions that may give rise to legal responsibility for the Organization;
  • distort or post false information about something or someone;
  • register as or on behalf of another person, impersonate another person, attempt to use someone else’s or false identity, or give false information about your identity and age;
  • intentionally transfer or send data that contains viruses, malware, spyware, applications to monitor user behavior for unsolicited advertising and other malicious programs or similar computer codes designed to impair the functioning of computer software, hardware or the Site;
  • sell, advertise, promote or express your open support for products or services;
  • use the Site to send chain letters, junk mail, “spam” materials or other forms of group communication.

The Organization may reject or remove posts on the Site if it (in its sole discretion) determines that any of the unauthorized actions listed above have been performed. In addition to all legal remedies to protect our rights and interests, and if we determine that you have violated or are likely to violate the restrictions listed above, we will take what we believe to be taken to remedy or prevent the breach, including without limitation, by removing the relevant materials from the Site immediately. We will cooperate fully with the competent authorities acting on the basis of a court decision or other act requesting us to disclose the identity of a person who posted such materials / information or performed any of the actions listed above.

Prohibition of “framing” on the Page

You may use links to the home page, provided that you do so reasonably and lawfully, without damaging our reputation or reaping a non-further benefit.

You may not integrate links in a way that implies a relationship of affiliation, endorsement or support on our part where these are not available.

You may not create links to our Site on a website that is not owned by you.

Placing our Site in a “frame” on another Website or creating a link to a section of our Site other than the home page is prohibited.

We reserve the right to withdraw our consent to link via “links” to our Site without notice.

Links to third parties

For the convenience of users of our Site, we can provide you with convenient links to the websites of other charities and our partners. Our Site may also contain links to third-party websites, advertising or sponsorship programs.

If you choose to use these links, please note that we do not control the respective pages, we are not responsible for their content, the advertising materials published on them, the products or services offered, and any questions or disputes that may arise in connection with these pages should be referred to the respective page administrators.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be suffered as a result of the use of third-party links and pages. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the general terms and conditions of use and privacy policies of the pages you visit, as our General Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy will not apply.

We reserve the right to remove a link on our Site at any time.

Limitations of Liability

If you are a legal entity:

  • Any and all implied terms, warranties, representations or other terms applicable to our Site or any content on it are excluded;
  • We will not be liable for any loss or damage, whether under contract or arising out of tort (including negligence), breach of law or other breach, even if the loss or damage is foreseeable, arises from or relates to:
  • the use or inability to use our Site; or
  • the use or reference to content available on our Site.

In particular, we are not responsible for:

  • unrealized profits, sales, revenue, or lost business opportunities;
  • disturbance of the normal course of business;
  • non-realization of expected savings;
  • lost business opportunities or loss of reputation or reputation; or
  • indirect or consequential damages and losses.

If you are a beneficiary of a donation programme or a participant in a programme:

  • Please note that our Site is intended for non-commercial purposes and has been developed for personal use. You represent that you will not use the Site for commercial or business purposes, and the Company does not and will not bear any responsibility for loss of profit, business interruption of business or loss of business opportunities.
  • If you wish to put into practice ideas and techniques published on our Site or arising from its use or participation in any of the programs of the Organization, you are fully responsible for your actions. There is no guarantee that using the methods and ideas contained in the information resources on the Site, you will achieve the same results as the examples and stories of FAB participants and partners published on it. The examples in these materials should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of a particular result. PanEuropa Bulgaria and its partners do not provide any guarantees (explicit or inferred) about the results you could achieve by applying ideas and techniques from the Site. PanEuropa Bulgaria shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or incidental damages arising from the use of the materials and content of the Website.


You agree to hold the Company harmless from, and to indemnify the Company in the event that reasonable amounts, costs and liabilities, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arise in connection with (a) your use of the Site, the posting or the sending of messages or information on our Site by you or by users authorized by you; (b) your breach of these Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation, your breach of your representations and warranties; (c) your infringement of any third party’s rights, including without limitation, data protection rights, rights in connection with public disclosure or use of information, copyrights or intellectual property rights; (d) your breach of any law, rule or regulation of the Republic of Bulgaria or any other country; (e) claiming compensation for damage resulting from information and materials you have provided to the Organization; or (f) any access to and use of the Site by any third party whom you have authorized to act on your behalf.

Access and unauthorised interference

If you have difficulty using the Site by certain browsers or software or wish to help us improve the terms of access, please contact us at office@paneuropa.bg. We appreciate your comments and your suggestions will help us improve the Site.

You represent that you will not use robots, “spiders”, “scrapers” or other automatic means to access the Site for any purpose without our express written permission to do so. In addition, you agree not to (a) take any action that in our sole discretion burdens or could unreasonably or disproportionately burden our infrastructure; (b) impede or attempt to impede the normal functioning of the Site or the activities carried out through it; or (c) you avoid any measures taken by us to prevent or restrict access to the Site.


Both you and we may terminate your ability to use the Site at any time for a specific reason or in the absence thereof. We may also block your access to the Site in the event of (a) violation of these Terms and Conditions; (b) we believe that your actions may result in financial loss or legal liability for you, our users or the Organisation.

Other conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy (which includes detailed information about our approach to the processing of personal data, including the use of cookies) constitute the full text of the agreement reached between you, as a user, and the Organization in connection with the use of the Site and repeal all previous agreements or arrangements regarding the use of the Site.

The fact that a separate provision of these General Terms and Conditions is or may be declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable does not lead to the illegality, invalidity and inapplicability of the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.

Failure to take action or delay in exercising rights and remedies under these General Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a revocation or waiver of such rights, powers or remedies. Waiver by the Organization shall be valid only if made in writing and signed by its duly authorised representative.

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