Thorsten Geissler joins the team of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria as a Director for Regional Cooperation

Thorsten Geissler is proudly welcomed by Solomon Passy and the team at the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the Atlantic Digital Network into the Honorary Board of Directors where he will assume executive responsibilities as Director for Regional Cooperation.

Thorsten Geissler is a German law and political expert, who served as the head of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in Bulgaria between 2016 and 2022. The KAS mission is to promote freedom and liberty, peace and justice through facilitating European unification, improving transatlantic relations, and deepening development cooperation. Thorsten had been its longest serving director in the office of Bulgaria and before that, he was part of the KAS mission in Bucharest, where he headed the office responsible for the rule of law program in Southeast Europe.

Geissler’s career is marked with significant expertise in the sphere of German politics. Before his work at KAS, Geissler served as a Senator for Environment, Security, and Public Order and Second Deputy Mayor for the Hanseatic City of Lübeck Prior to his role as a senator, Thorsten spent 16 and a half years at the state parliament of the Schleswig-Holstein region, where he achieved the position of district chairman of the Christian Democratic Union in Lübeck. Geissler is also a (full) colonel in the German Army Reserve.

Thorsten Geissler’s position at the Honorary Board of Directors will facilitate the organisations’ efforts of achieving local unity and maximising cooperation in Southeast Europe. Among his immediate priorities is the SEEU (SouthEast Europe) platform for enhanced business and security cooperation between Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.

The Honorary Board of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria reflects the wisdom of prominent European and global thinkers to guide the organization in fulfilling its mission to lead out-of-the-box and “Ahead of the Future.”

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