Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria

In 2004-2007, Bulgaria materialized its civilizational choice by joining NATO and the European Union – an aspiration formulated from the rostrum of the Grand National Assembly as early as 1990 and uniting several political generations since.

This strategic orientation of our country is under attack today – both by external enemies and by their internal allies or unwitting helpers. We live in an environment of information and propaganda unique to Bulgaria, permanently compromised by the war against Ukraine and Putin’s hysterical supporters at home.

At the same time, the emerging consensus on the constitutional amendments offers a unique opportunity for our Parliament to take historic decisions to curb retrograde populism and reaffirm Bulgaria’s Euro-Atlantic civilisational choice, in which several generations of Bulgarians have invested their life’s work.

The majority in the current Parliament has a unique opportunity to enshrine in the Constitution long-overdue correct formulations on which the next generations can build – just as we have been building for 33 years on the formulations adopted by the Supreme National Assembly in 1990-1991:

  • Bulgaria’s membership in NATO and the EU to be duly mentioned in the Constitution as an expression of our country’s aspiration to be part of the family of democratic and economically and socially developed countries – both in the Preamble and in the provisions of the Constitution.
  • The armed forces do not deal with domestic issues (except disasters, accidents, etc. humanitarian missions).
  • National sovereignty is guaranteed by both the Armed Forces and our membership of NATO and its command structures, as well as our synchronised actions with the EU and other relevant international treaties ratified by Parliament
  • Clearly state that referendums on strategic and global issues are unacceptable, as well as on any aspect of our security, including our membership of NATO, the EU and all their structures and organisations, incl. €-zone etc.
  • Allied troops should be constitutionally distinguished from foreign troops in close correspondence with the following note. Enemy States.
  • Shared sovereignty is not just a term but a fact of our Euro-integration that we should NOT fear and hide from but find its constitutional protection, especially in the context of the EU (but also NATO).
  • The anthem of Europe, as well as the flags of NATO and the EU should find their place in the Constitution