Bulgaria’s F-16: Hi-Tech Defeats Russian Propaganda Declaration of The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria

Fifteen years after membership in NATO, the deal is done: the Bulgarian and U.S. Governments successfully negotiated and the Bulgarian Parliament approved the acquisition of eight F-16 Block 70 jet fighters as a first major step in the modernization of Bulgaria’s Air Force.

This is the beginning of a longer road to modernization o thef Bulgarian Armed Forces, including the army, navy, cyber and future space forces.

The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria — the pioneer of NATO’s enlargement since 1990 and a tireless proponent of F-16/F-35 solution — emphasizes once again the multitude of security and technological advantages it brings to the country and NATO in general.

The Atlantic Club will continue to assist innovative solutions in order to strengthen the Trans-Atlantic bond and Europe’s security.

Sofia, July 20, 2019

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