Elena Poptodorova: Juncker could not influence politically for our entry into Schengen

It is rather disappointing that the attempt of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to influence politically for our admission to Schengen failed. It seems that until some political instincts in our country are overcome, we will not enter Schengen. It is about us, not Juncker, our former ambassador to the United States Elena Poptodorova told bTV. According to her, if we have any partial signs of accession to Schengen and the eurozone, then we can be happy. She added that she was worried that in addition to the Netherlands as an active vocal opponent of our entry into Schengen, there were also tacit opponents, with Germany already warning that we needed a lot of work.

We would not be able to withstand a “one-speed Europe” – let’s face it. It is not good to have a heart attack while running, Poptodorova explained. And he warned that things are two-sided – we need to look at ourselves. Our former ambassador to the United States also criticized Juncker for “biting” him in his speech on the state of the EU vis-à-vis the United States and Australia, warning that in a hybrid war worldwide, these are allies the EU can rely on.

Watch the full interview here.

Source: Actualno.com.

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