Elena Poptodorova saw Putin’s hand in Novichok

There is an obsession in Russia – to defend themselves. That is why the problem with the traitor as a threat is very strong. The traitor must be punished. And if the traitor in the West is punished by trial, by court – as Snowden, for example, in the mentality of the Russian state, the traitor is punished arbitrarily. Let’s remember Trotsky. This was stated to Nova TV by our former ambassador to Washington, and before that by the translator of the communist leader Todor Zhivkov Elena Poptodorova, “Pik” reported. She commented on the European scandal of the past week – the attempt to poison the Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in London. The poison was called “Newbie” and it became a byword for Russia’s involvement in the scandal.

“That’s why Britain has so easily made the ‘reasonable assumption’ that this is a Russian act of revenge. “Of course, I will formally agree that Putin has no interest in leaving such a punishment at the moment – at the same time this has united the Russian electorate – that the enemy is external and we must defend ourselves,” she added.

“Let us remember not only Trotsky, but also Yushchenko and Litvinenko. No matter how times change, the methods remain the same. The most difficult thing to fight is a reputation that has already been established, “Poptodorova said.

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Source: Petel.bg.

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