Elena Poptodorova: The topic “Skripal” in Bulgaria has a different response

The Skripal case has provoked mixed reactions in countries around the world. Many European Union and NATO countries have expelled Russian diplomats to their territory. Others decided to wait before taking such a step. Bulgaria is one of them, and at the moment only the Bulgarian ambassador to Moscow has returned to Bulgaria for consultations with the government.

“The topic in Bulgaria has a different response. Personally, I would not limit myself to internal arguments based on political background and the specifics of our country in terms of attitude towards Russia. It needs to be seen in a larger context. At the moment, however, our country does not have a solution that is not in our favor, “said in the studio of” Bulgaria in the morning “on Bulgaria ON AIR our former ambassador to the United States Elena Poptodorova.

In the meantime, new revelations have been made about the case. According to police, the former Russian spy was probably not poisoned in a restaurant, but at his home in the British town of Salisbury. Remains of the newcomer substance were found on the front door of Sergei Skripal’s home. Traces of the poison were found elsewhere, including in his daughter Julia’s suitcase, but the concentration on the door was greatest.

Britain has accused Russia of being responsible for the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter, which Moscow denies.

Boyan Chukov, who has been declared an expert on counter-terrorism, has developed one of his usual theories, as if read in the Russian official press. He most seriously said that it was a matter of resolving the issues facing the US national security strategy, signed by Trump in December 2017.

“It has a ‘energy dominance’ section that says in black and white that America must become the world’s number one exporter, importer and innovator. And three years ago, Putin said Russia should become a super-energy state. The two strategies just collided, “he said. According to him, in this case, Britain is only a contractor. And in the European Union, everyone is saved individually, trying to balance between the expulsion of Russian spies and loyalty to the relevant international organization.

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Source: Bulgaria ON AIR.

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