Elena Poptodorova: There is complete unanimity between Borisov and Orban on migration

Poptodorova pointed out that the policy of European countries regarding the most serious problem – migration, is questionable, and on this point there is complete unanimity between the two prime ministers. But they are not alone in this understanding of protected borders, obviously this attitude is spreading, commented our former ambassador to the United States. And he noted the irony of how the idea of ​​uniting the old continent collides with the newly discovered nationalism.

“I’m thinking about how to bring these two big goals together. On the one hand, the full integration and creation of Europe – united, free and with free movement of its citizens, and on the other hand – this sincere and spontaneous nationalism, which is caused by fears, “said Elena Poptodorova.

How will this idea of ​​a united Europe be realized in the medium and long term, if this passionate attachment to the national continues to accompany the nominal goals, she commented.

See the whole conversation with Elena Poptodorova about both Schengen and Macedonia in the video.

Source: BNT.

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