Elena Poptodorova: Trump gave Kim Jong Un an international platform

“President Donald Trump gave Kim Jong-un an international platform on an equal footing,” said diplomat Elena Poptodorova in the This Morning studio.

According to her, if we remove the translation from the meeting, which lasted 41 minutes, there is very little time left for conversations on the merits.

“The other thing that is very significant is that the press conference after the meeting was one-man. Kim Jong-un did not take part in it, only Trump gave a press conference. “We have not heard from the leader of North Korea what should have been presented to the world in terms of North Korea’s commitments,” Poptodorova added.

According to her, the American president is entering into some very complicated negotiations, for which he has no knowledge and preparation.

“Kim Jong Un’s political trading power is a complete nuclear program. “North Korea’s first step is to provide a list of its nuclear facilities and start from there,” Poptodorova added.

You can watch the whole interview here.

Source: bTV News.

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