Elena Poptodorova: Trump shows a double standard for green cards

ISIL is largely just an ideology and, thank God, the opportunity to have their own state is thwarted, said in the program “This Morning” the former ambassador to the United States Elena Poptodorova.

Only two years ago, we worked on how to deal with ID as a structure… The world has changed thanks to the unlimited power of the Internet and social networks, Poptodorova said.

Europe misses the big question of the ally. In his annual speech, Mr. (Jean-Claude) Juncker failed to mention the name of the United States, it was no accident, it was on purpose. Anyone who wants to look for the enemy in the face of America will always find it, this is not news. But that doesn’t help anyone.

America is less at risk of terrorism. There is an attachment to a system and a nation, unlike here, where there is an attachment to individuals. There, when they talk about a state, they say a nation – the best athlete of the nation, not the state. People will certainly continue to go to America, not leave, Poptodorova said.

This attack will not affect the investigation against Donald Trump for Russian interference in the last election. This attack will subside because that is the desire of the people there.

The topic of the green card is more important. Not those who came in with green cards are a source of terrorism. If there is such a request from Trump, it is blanket and formal. The American president will not take up the topic of the amendment to carry a weapon, but he will interfere with the green card.

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Source: Frognews.

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