HELLO SPACE | Bulgaria Calling 2.0

Hello, Space | Bulgaria Calling is a youth science one-day festival with the main purpose of promoting a variety of STEAM fields, the main focus being Space.

The event is a non-commercial investment in shaping the values of the next generations organized by the STEAM & Space Atlantic Cluster, which includes 25+ top Bulgarian academic, research and educational institutions and NGOs, coordinated by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.

The pilot edition of the one-day festival was composed of workshops, simulations, labs, experiments and science talks and took place on July 26th 2021, culminating in the establishment of an In-Flight Educational Downlink (101) with the International Space Station.

The second edition of Hello, Space | Bulgaria Calling will take place on the
13th of September 2022, at Sofia Tech Park, Bulgaria and will focus on:

1) SPACE as an area of PEACE and SCIENCE
2) STEAM as a leverage to achieve progress
The goal of this festival, upgrading the first edition, is to ignite the imagination of the youth to think, dream and plan big by reaching out for the Moon, Venus, Mars and beyond, as well as pursue a career in STEAM and find solutions through science. We strive to showcase the vast career opportunities of the STEAM field and how students and teachers alike may pursue them via both in-person and virtual experiences detailing the work of NASA, CERN and European Space Agency (ESA).

This year we are ready to fly even higher, dive even deeper and climb new peaks to inspire Bulgarian children to dream and seek realization in the STEAM fields.

We have prepared a virtual walk around CERN and will make a live connection with the first astronaut mother from NASA – Anna Fisher.

The sky above Sofia Tech Park will welcome the pilot, world record holder – Nikolay Kalaydzhiev, who will perform a special acrobatic flight for us.

In parallel with our culminating program, Prof. Georgiev will present his exciting quantum teleportation experiment – part of the “QUASAR” project.
There will be lectures by specialists, various workshops and stands for children and youth, including an entertaining evening program.

To learn more, visit the event web page at https://www.hello-space.eu/

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