Memorandum for Cooperation and Partnership between ACB and Hemus-95 signed

A Memorandum for Cooperation and Partnership was signed between ACB and Foundation “Hemus-95” on 29.11.2019. The Memorandum was signed by ACB’s President Dr. Solomon Passy and Hemus-95’s Governing Board Chairman Rear Admiral (Ret.) Nikolay Nikolov, Ph.D.

The document provides for the organizations’ joint efforts to:

  • realize Euro-Atlantic values ​​in the interest of national, regional and global security, through interaction with governmental institutions, industry, other non-governmental organizations and academia;
  • represent the leading international experience and solutions in security policy, defense and security, information technology and cyber security;
  • provide opportunities to promote Bulgarian participation in international relations, based on the central role of the Euro-Atlantic community in meeting the international challenges of the 21st century;
  • establish and develop partnerships of the Bulgarian defense industry with leading global companies.

The cooperation and partnership between the two organizations is envisaged to take place in the following fields:

  • global, Euro-Atlantic and national security;
  • industrial cooperation;
  • interaction with the public administration;
  • scientific and academic environment.

To achieve these goals, ACB and Hemus-95 will:

  • pursue mutual exchange of information, experience, ideas, best international practices and data related to the subject of the Memorandum;
  • jointly organize and participate in information campaigns, seminars, round tables, conferences, exhibitions and other forums;
  • conduct joint meetings and initiatives with the respective institutions and departments. 

The ‘Hemus – 95’ Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a Governing Board chaired by Rear Admiral (Ret.) Nikolay Nikolov, Bulgarian Navy. The main activity of the Foundation is to organize the International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition ‘Hemus’ (IDEE ‘HEMUS’). The event takes part biennially, under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Economy. In this business, the Foundation works closely with many other Bulgarian and foreign state and governmental institutions, non-governmental bodies, Bulgarian and international defence industry, scientific institutions and academia. In 2020, ‘Hemus’ exhibition celebrates 25 years since its first edition in 1995. The Jubilee Edition – ‘Hemus 2020’ – is scheduled for 27 – 30 May 2020.

The event is focused on equipment and services related to defense, anti-terrorism and security, with a special accent on cyber security, border security, strategic communications and unmanned autonomous systems. R&D, testing and evaluation, S&T, data management and protection systems, social media monitoring and data analysis, products and services related to artificial Intelligence and educational products and services are included as subject sections as well.

Events that accompany the exhibition are the International Scientific Conference, Industrial Forum, Live Demonstrations and Live Firings, where exhibitors may demonstrate the mobility and functionality of their products and to show their fire power at a military testing range close to the city of Plovdiv. The events offer broad possibilities for meetings and networking with business partners, potential customers, VIP’s and international decision makers and official delegations invited by the Bulgarian Ministers of Defence and Economy. They also offer the chance to explore 3-th party market opportunities and a range of opportunities for products’ and services’ positioning, advertisement and promotion.

The last edition of the ‘Hemus’ Exhibition in 2018 proved ‘Hemus’ to be: “An event where the West and the East match interests“ and “А platform on which the European Union meets its partners“.

For more details visit the website of Hemus-95: