NATO needs to build nuclear military installations in the Black Sea region

NATO must build nuclear military facilities along the coasts of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, in the Black Sea region. This is the only thing that Russia will not strike at, said on bTV News Dr. Solomon Passy, President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

In the context of today’s Putin war, Dr. Passy once again reiterated the serious risk for Bulgarian national security which derives from the existence of Russian (Moscow City) property at the Black Sea mouth of the Kamchiya River b/w Varna and Byala.

We do not know what exactly the Russians do and plan to do there but — which is of greater concern — we do not know when exactly President Putin will decide to “defend” it — a possibility he hinted at in the past.

Therefore, our suggestion to the Bulgarian Government is to acquire back (nationalize or expropriate) this property as a sensitive territory for the national security. Lawyers assure this could be easily done following the similar procedure for building highways.

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