North Korea and the Defector’s Journey

The seminar “North Korea and the Path Forward” was held on 27 November at the Hyatt Regency and it discussed human rights, geopolitics and included the story and the hardships which a defector from the North endured in his way to freedom, which he found in art.

Solomon Passy, Andrey Kovachev and N. Ambassador of Korea to Bulgaria Jongin Bae opened the discussion to address the pressing issues related to human rights violations and the humanitarian situation in Korea. The discussions shed light on the critical need for global attention and a common European approach and action.

In an emotional speech, we had the honour of witnessing the inspiring journey of Kang Chun-hyeok, a North Korean defector turned artist and rapper. His harrowing experiences – from his father’s imprisonment to escaping starvation and finding freedom – were shared with the audience. The result of live painting with him and Dr. Passy was a powerful image of a family in chains, symbolizing the depth of terror exercised by the regime.

The second panel delved into the complex realm of geopolitics, examining EU policy towards North Korea and future directions in the face of Russia. Thorsten Geisler explained North Korea’s military power, drawing a comparison with South Korea.

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