Solomon Passy: Europe cannot ride for free on the US bus

Transatlantic relations have existed for five centuries since Christopher Columbus discovered America. This relationship will outlive all American presidents and German chancellors. This was said in the program “Face to Face” on BTV by the President of the Atlantic Club and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Solomon Passy.

Germany is facing elections, and when a country is facing elections, the controversy escalates and things are said, which are then reversed. Merkel speaks in order to win the vote. However, we must realize that transatlantic relations are mainly taken care of by the United States. We Europeans have become great people, we have gained self-confidence and we need to invest it in relations with the United States, Passy said.

The first thing we can do is open embassies in all the United States. The second thing is enhanced cooperation with the United States in the field of defense. Europe cannot be like the free man who gets on a bus and says, ‘I will not pay for a ticket, because it is safe here.’ Relations should also develop through a country with a great future – Cuba, said the president of the Atlantic Club.

He is adamant that Europe must make a common European defense. We cannot rely on the United States for everything, Passy added.

The former foreign minister also said that the European Union has approved the idea of ​​a small Bulgarian team to have public places with free wi-fi. The agreement was reached last night between the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament. 120m euros have been set aside for this purpose. Let Bulgarian municipalities prepare to apply for these funds, urged Solomon Passy.

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