Solomon Passy: France to request a common military base on the Black Sea

France is currently looking for joint armaments projects, as a common European defense is their burden along with Germany. This was stated on the occasion of the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, the former foreign minister is the head of the Atlantic Club Solomon Passy.

The Atlantic explained that Macron is a pro-European politician who wants European integration to precede the enlargement of the Union. He added that if France supports us to join the eurozone, it will be a big step towards achieving this goal, which he believes is more important than Schengen.

He jokingly called the eurozone “the Politburo of a united Europe.”

Passy noted that the attention to Bulgaria at the moment is because because of the presidency we currently have a proportionally much greater weight in Europe. And he denied that France had abandoned Eastern Europe.

He recalled a few things we forget, but for which we have to thank France:

“President Mitterrand’s visit in January 1989 and his breakfast with the then opposition, led by Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev. This breakfast helped the fall of communism in Bulgaria just as President Reagan helped the fall of communism in the world.

Then it is worth recalling the enormous support from President Chirac for EU membership. I remember talking to the king, the prime minister then.

Then we have to thank President Sarkozy, who came here after 2007 after his very successful inclusion of the final rights for Bulgarian medics, “said the former minister.

But Sarkozy left with a bitter taste in his mouth, because then the agreement to buy French warships was “abruptly terminated,” Passy explained.

He added in 2008, when we managed to negotiate a common mobile phone charger with the French, which remained “like an EU brooch”.

A joint arms deal would be a very good step, Passy reiterated. But he emphasized that “more Europe does not mean less NATO”.

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Source: Club ‘Z’.

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