Solomon Passy: There is a need for an EU-US summit

At the meeting for the Western Balkans, it became clear that there is an urgent need to strengthen the dialogue between the EU and the United States. We need such a summit. This was commented by our former Foreign Minister Solomon Passy in the studio of “This Saturday”.

On the occasion of the meeting with Turkish President Erdogan in Varna, Passy commented that it was also something serious, but it was not positive that Turkey was not mentioned at the meeting in Sofia now. “She is our important neighbor. It is normal to talk about the whole Balkans. It is as if we have forgotten this strategic priority, “he said.

Regarding the deal with Iran, he pointed out that it has a serious problem – it is limited in time – until 2025. “The other thing is that the deal deals only with the enrichment of uranium and nuclear bombs and not with Iran’s long-range missiles. Obama wanted the deal to be in order to defend his Nobel Prize. He got it for nothing and took a number of steps to protect it – the agreement with Cuba, which was a success but also a failure like the agreement with Iran. “

You can hear the whole interview here.

Source: bTV News.

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