The Importance of Multilateral Dialogue in the 21st Century
Published: 27/02/2024
Author: content

An article written by the Director “Regional Cooperation” of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Thorsten Geissler, has been published in a publication edited by NATO Security Assistance Force Centre of Excellence titled “Out Thinking on NATO 2022 Strategic Concept”. So far only an electronic version has been published. A link to the publication can be found here.

In short, the paper analyses multilaterism (the theory of decision-making by group of state actors, pursuing common objectives) in the first decades of 21st century, and its apparent apparent failures – nationalism, populism and frustrations with globalization. However, despite this grim picture, Mr. Geissler supports the theory that there is no alternative to multilateralism, and it remains the key to solving global problems.

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