Transit station: No matter what populists tell you, the problem of migrants in Europe cannot be easily solved

“The problem with migration is that it is becoming a political tool. Politics is the art of creating and managing people’s fears. And migration is an extremely convenient tool in this art, it very easily creates fears and can very easily offer false solutions to these fears, “said Solomon Passy.

All the leading countries, including Austria and Estonia, as well as the troika that will take over the presidency of the union in the coming years, are urging Brussels to make the protection of its external borders the number one topic on the old continent. And the issue to be considered in a package. Ah, not in pieces.

“Neighboring Serbia, it is in no way bound to follow these precise rules, which we must follow. Link between whether someone has applied for refugee status here or has applied for refugee status in Serbia – the two are not related. That is why the coordination between the EU and the Balkan countries is even more complicated than the coordination between the European countries, which still have to follow the same rules “, points out one of the problems the former Minister of Interior.

What’s ahead?

History shows that the earliest migration began 50,000 years ago. From Africa to the rest of the world.

Since the recent military conflicts in the Middle East, Europe has taken in 1,800,000 refugees. Mathematics shows that in the next 20 years the population of Africa will reach 2 and a half billion people. At least half of them are expected to want to come and live in Europe.

“Imagine a village of 100 people and a thousand migrants go there to settle. My, what will happen from this village? This village will disappear. Just a hundred people will be melted into a thousand people, not the other way around. And imagine the opposite – a city of 10,000 people who wonders if it can accept a hundred migrants? He can take it. 10,000 people can take in and integrate 100 people. In doing so, very well integrate them. And not to become a burden for the society, but to become an integral part of this society, a part that develops the society “, Solomon Passy is categorical.

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Source: bTV NEWS.

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