DOC. Dr. GEORGI BARDAROV is a geographer, lecturer in demography and head of the Department of Socio-Economic Geography at the Faculty of Geology and Geography, Sofia University. He is also a writer and winner of the European Prize for Literature in 2021 and the National Vasov Prize for Literature in 2022 for his novel “Absolvo te”.

In his CONTRIBUTION to the report (in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Berdarov presents the inextricable link between demographic indicators,
defining the demographic picture as a crisis, with the indicators of the deteriorated health status of the population in Bulgaria. Approaches and measures in different areas of public life that can contribute to limiting the demographic risks and challenges facing our country are discussed.

A key component of the overall demographic strategy and improving the health status, quality and life expectancy of the working age population. Prof. Berdarov outlines the demographic trends and processes that affect the demographic situation of our country and shares the opinion of the authors of the report that scientifically proven approaches to reduce the harm of risk factors that have a direct effect on life expectancy, morbidity and mortality can have a positive impact on the demographic picture in our country in the long term.

PanEurope welcomes the accession of DOC. Dr. GEORGI BIRDAROV to the initiative “(in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMIES – OPEN YOUR EYES!”, which was launched in October 2022 with the publication of the report (in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS outlining the need to change mindsets and policies and implement new, modern and proven effective approaches to reduce harm – some of the most common health risk factors such as unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles, alcohol abuse, smoking and excessive use of digital devices.

PanEurope would like to thank Prof. Dr. Burdarov, as a demographer, scientist and public figure, for his contribution to the initiative and to the general call for solutions to the health and demographic crisis in Bulgaria in the medium and long term.

Dr. Berdarov’s contribution is the second one since the beginning of the PanEuropa initiative “(in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS”, as in June 2023 it was joined by prof. Borislav Georgiev, Head of the Cardiology Clinic at the National Cardiology Hospital. He contributed a paper and an address at the international scientific conference “SCIENCE IN ACTION: Rethinking Evidence to Reduce Harm from Risk Factors” held in May 2023. The report, the scientific evidence and its recommendations also formed the basis for the signing on 11 May 2023 of a CONSENSUS between the Ministry of Health and ten scientific societies in the country, summarising guidelines and recommendations for reducing harm from behavioural risk factors as a complement to activities to reduce and control them in order to improve the health status of the population.

CONTRIBUTION by Assoc. Dr. Berdarov to the report “(in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS”