Energy Dissected 3.0

The events following the Energy Dissected conference in June 2022 highlighted the ongoing importance of the Energy sector. The collapse in gas and oil prices, driven by Russia’s aggressive policies exploiting Europe’s dependence on its fuel supplies, exacerbated inflation. Additionally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to record-breaking natural gas prices and negatively affected electricity prices. The need for urgent measures, such as diversifying energy sources and accelerating the adoption of renewable and nuclear energy, became evident to safeguard national and European security. The event aimed to answer many burning questions, such as:

  • How did the Russian aggression toward Ukraine reshape Europe’s energy outlook?
  • What are the main steps towards diversification of the Bulgarian energy industry?
  • Will Bulgaria continue to build new capacities, both in nuclear energy and in hydropower plants and renewable sources?

and many others. The event brought together representatives from the governmental and non-governmental sectors, energy analysts from Bulgaria, the EU, Russia, and the USA, as well as industry experts who shared their views on the historic turning point in Europe’s energy policy.