Hello Space! Bulgaria/EU calling!

On July 26th Bulgaria will establish an In-Flight Educational Downlink with the International Space Station.

After a precise selection, 32 students have been approved to get their space questions answered directly by the astronauts.

Students from the entire country and wider Europe will have the unique opportunity to ask questions directly to astronauts living and working in space.

The historic video connection will be the culmination of a one-day event consisting of STEM-related workshops and lectures for children and adults.

The NASA Downlink is a project of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, more than 30 leading Bulgarian NGOs and STEM/space research stakeholders, and the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

The downlink and the program surrounding it will aim to ignite the youth’s imagination, inspiring them to dream big by reaching out to the Moon, Venus, Mars, and beyond.

For more inormation, please, visit the website of the event: www.hello-space.eu

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