Hello Space | Bulgaria Calling 4.0

The fourth edition of the youth science festival “HELLO SPACE, Bulgaria Calling” returns on June 25 in Sofia Tech Park under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science. 

The festival maintains its focus on space exploration and STEAM fields and continues to be an inspiring educational event for children of all ages, their parents and teachers.

This year, HELLO SPACE will once again be filled with a variety of activities to spark imaginations and dreams of exploring the universe and beyond. We have prepared a myriad of amazing activities for young and old, including a live chat with a NASA astronaut, fascinating science workshops, interactive exhibitions, thought-provoking lectures and engaging demonstrations.

This year’s edition will also focus more on the A in STEAM, namely ARTS, with the programme featuring a host of artistic activities including virtual reality and image generation workshops through artificial intelligence, painting, exhibitions and much more. All this to open the eyes of Bulgaria’s children to art and aesthetics, which play a vital role in every field, including space science.

As we prepare for our fourth edition, we are aiming for an even more remarkable event that will bring together educators, industry professionals, scientific experts and most of all – the future generation of innovators, astronauts, Nobel laureates and dreamers!

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