Single telephone line at hotel receptions

Standardisation is directly linked to quality of life, to the economy, to ecology, and sometimes even to saving lives. That is why the introduction of a uniform internal contact number for hotel receptions is one of our successful initiatives. This way, in the event of an accident, it is no longer necessary to look for a directory that lists the reception number. It is now the same for all hotels – 9 – and ensures easy and quick contact in case of need. Something that saves lives.

The initiative of Gergana and Solomon Passy was provoked by the story of Hristo Mutafchiev, who suffered a stroke while staying in a hotel. Due to his inability to contact the reception, he remained without help for a long time, which significantly worsened his condition.

Drawing an analogy with his single charger initiative, Solomon Passy noted that there could not be a national solution whereas in this case there could.

Today, this initiative is a fact – every hotel or motel should have a telephone installation with a single internal telephone number 9 for contacting the reception desk.