About us

About us The Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Youth Club (BEAYC) is а non-governmental organization founded in 1996, in Sofia, Bulgaria, as the official youth branch of The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria (ACB). The organization is a member of YATA International. 

BEAYC’s aims are:


to establish/promote Euro-Atlantic values among the youth in Bulgaria


to advise and support youth organizations affiliated with different political parties, various students’ communities, major decision makers in the Bulgarian state institutions and people at large


to foster Bulgaria’s active involvement within the framework of the Euro-Atlantic political, economic and defense institutions, and particularly within NATO, the European Union (EU), the Council of Europe (CE) and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

using its social media channel, to help create a platform where young people can express their voice and share their ideas about how to create a better future for the generations ahead

BEAYC firmly believes that being educated and informed is the foundation of success. Establishing solid foundations today is going to lead to a better future tomorrow! To this purpose, the organization:


organizes and coordinates visits and lectures by local and foreign experts and distinguished speakers


creates seminars and conferences on various topics


publishes and promotes information and publications about the development of NATO, the EU and related international organizations (including information about scholarships, seminars and research opportunities)


BEAYC has already established numerous contacts with international non-governmental organizations and successfully implemented projects that are supported by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, Erasmus+ and other programs.


initiates important contacts with similar organizations abroad, etc.