The Ministry of Health unveiled a consensus based on the findings of the “(IN?)vincible Pandemics” report.

In response to the PanEuropa Bulgaria report “(IN?)vincible pandemics”, prepared by Bulgarian scientists, this week the Ministry of Health signed and endorsed the Consensus on Guidelines and Recommendations to Reduce the Harm of Behavioural Risk Factors as a Complement to Activities to Reduce and Control them to Improve the Health Status of the Population.…/ministr-medzhidiev…/

The Ministry of Health and authoritative representatives of scientific societies and medical organizations in the country united around a common opinion that these four behavioral risk factors are of dominant importance for the deterioration of the health of Bulgarian citizens.

This is an important step towards identifying harmful health factors, accurately and timely assessing their risk and creating innovative approaches to reduce health harm.

The full text of the consensus can be found at:

Milena Georgieva Detelina Stamenova Arkadi Sharkov Gergana Passy