New contribution to the Report “(in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS” by Prof. Borislav Georgiev

PanEurope welcomes Prof. Borislav Georgiev who joins the initiative (in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS – LET’S OPEN OUR EYES!

THE REPORT is dedicated to modern and proven effective approaches to reducing harm from risk factors – unhealthy eating, alcohol abuse, smoking and excessive use of digital devices. Following its presentation to the public in October 2022, the scientific data and recommendations have become the basis for signing on May 11, 2023 of a CONSENSUS document between the Ministry of Health and 10 scientific societies in the country, summarizing guidelines and recommendations for reducing the harm from behavioral risk factors as a supplement to the activities of their limitation and control in order to improve the health status of the population. On behalf of PanEurope and the Report’s team of scientists, we thank Prof. Borislav Georgiev for the ADDRESS and CONTRIBUTION, which updates the statistical data and scientific information on the health indicators of the Bulgarian population and the prevalence of harmful behaviors in the country against the background of global data. At the international scientific conference “SCIENCE IN ACTION: Rethinking facts about risk factors’ harm reduction ” held on May 30, 2023, Prof. Borislav Georgiev emphasized the key role of the effective prophylaxis of chronic non-communicable diseases, the improvement of the determinants of health (social , behavioral, ecological), the inclusion of the population to a healthy lifestyle and application of interdisciplinary models of interventions against these diseases. In his address to the scientific and media audience, Prof. Georgiev stated: “And the most modern health strategies launch the thesis, proven in practice, that reducing the risk of the main factors can reduce mortality and morbidity from these diseases. Risk reduction strategies by applying approaches to reduce exposure to the harmful effects of risk factors, in addition to traditional preventive strategies, have a key role in improving individual and public health”.

Address and contribution by Prof. Borislav Georgiev to the Report “(in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS”



Prof. Borislav Georgiev is the Head of the Cardiology Clinic, National Cardiology Hospital in Sofia.

Prof. Georgiev’s scientific interests include prevention of cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, rhythm disorders, cardiomyopathies, pulmonary arterial hypertension, therapy of cardiovascular diseases

Prof. Georgiev has over 600 scientific publications, monographs and textbook chapters in Bulgarian and English languages. Prof. Georgiev is a member of the management boards of a number of scientific international organizations. He is recognized as the author of the “15th Invention of the Republic of Bulgaria” (Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, priority 04.06.92, Official Bulletin 12/1997)

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