Joint Declaration of PanEuropa Bulgaria and PEU Macedonia on resolving bilateral issues

Since its foundation in 1922 Pan-Europa has been promoting the unification of Europe. Today we continue our mission by enhancing the completion of this process – the integration of the Western Balkan countries into the EU. We welcome the decision of the Council of the EU of March 2020, approved by the European Council, to open accession negotiation with the R. N. Macedonia and Albania. Bulgaria as a Member State supported the consensus with the understanding that good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation remain important elements of the enlargement process. Moreover, we recall the instrumental role of Bulgaria holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018 to bring back enlargement to the WB on the European agenda. We also welcome the determination, demonstrated by R. N. Macedonia, to deliver on the EU reform agenda, by the fulfilment of the conditions for opening accession negotiations. In view of the above, we believe that the different views on the past history of the two countries should not be an obstacle for their common European future. In this regard we urge the governments and institutions of Bulgaria and R. N. Macedonia to continue with the communication in good faith and overcome any obstacles that might hinder progress of N. Macedonia towards our shared European future. The two sided good neighbouring relations between Bulgaria and R. N. Macedonia should be built on the basis of mutual trust, respect, economic development, cultural exchange and understanding of each other, but, as well, on the undisputed right of self-determination, and the EU principles and values. We fully support active measures, bringing the Bulgarian and Macedonian nation closer together, avoiding negative rhetoric that has been in use in the past decades bringing regrettably divisions in our relationship. We are convinced that with the progressive advance of EU integration process of R. N. Macedonia with support and mentorship by Bulgaria, the connections between the two nations will grow even stronger, and that will bring reinforced feeling of the European spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation, in the relations between the two countries. Signed by: Gergana Passy (PanEuropa Bulgaria) Andrej Lepavcov (PanEuropa R. N. Macedonia) Walburga Habsburg Douglas (Paneuropa Sweden) Rainhard Kloucek (Paneuropa Austria) Carlos Uriarte Sanchez (Paneuropa Spain) Laris Gaiser (Paneuropa Slovenia) Jean-Paul Picaper (Member of the Presidency of Paneuropa-Union) Ihor Zhaloba and Igor Gavrylov (Paneuropa Ukraine) Gordana Djurovic (Paneuropa Montenegro)